Reasoning and Debate: A Handbook and a Textbook - Jensen DG. Mañebog

Reasoning and Debate: A Handbook and a Textbook

By Jensen DG. Mañebog

  • Release Date: 2013-11-09
  • Genre: Onderwijs
  • Size: 109.49 KB

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Written in cooperation with, this book about correct reasoning and debate helps readers to have a critical mind and become accurately logical. Teaching the fundamental rules in reasoning, this work empowers people to purify information—by detecting misinformation, bias, prejudice, propaganda, spin, deception, distortion, and the like—thereby minimizing the risk of advocating untruthful beliefs.

Academically, the lessons in Logic and Critical Thinking introduced here can make one a better student as the principles discussed are beneficially applicable to other fields of study given proper contextualization. Rules in reasoning do help us form a coherent system of various modes of thought such as scientific thinking, historical thinking, philosophical thinking, mathematical thinking, artistic thinking, ethical thinking, and others.

This book about good thinking grants us with the capacity to judge well, enables us to form sound belief systems, and thereby provides us with a foundation for a rationally healthy life. Helping the readers to become analytical, this reference could also help us to better fare even in our career training and job performance.