Short Films - From Idea to Finished Product through Analysis - Gregory Joseph Barnes

Short Films - From Idea to Finished Product through Analysis

By Gregory Joseph Barnes

  • Release Date: 2016-05-24
  • Genre: Film
  • Size: 383.48 MB

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Ever wonder what makes a character in a film seem so evil? It might have something to do with how the character was filmed, how the lighting was used, and what kinds of sounds are associated with the character. In this book, the basic elements of how to go about making a short film are introduced through work with analysis. If you have a little JJ Abrams hidden inside, or are interested in how to analyze a short film, then this is the book for you.
Goals: The book introduces practical terms and models for analyzing short films. The book also establishes a basic understanding of how to both create and analyze short films. This book meets the requirements for HF English C through B.
Work Methods: Individual work with texts, presentations, and short film study using various apps to analyze and create a short film. Group work for production of a short film using various Apps.
Target Group. Students participating in a higher level English class, individuals curious about basic cinematic terms and practices, and teachers that wish to introduce rudimentary short film analysis exercises.